Antifouling Bottom Painting

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Sometimes a full repaint is the final touch needed to lift your boat’s look, feel and design. It can give an older boat a completely fresh look. Or it can allow a modern boat to become an extension of you and your identity. The paint brings together the entire look of your boat. Whether you want a new look or a total upgrade on your 70s center console, our paint finish impresses when polishing can no longer give you the results you want.

Durable marine-grade paint

Custom color matching

High-gloss finish

Superb weather resistance

Protect your boat from fouling and give it a full bottom paint makeover. Having a new bottom paint will prevent the growth of organisms that attach and stick to the hull. Other than the looks, they can impede your vessel’s speed, performance and durability, especially if the boat has been kept in water for an extended period of time.

Our Process:

Based on whether your boat is a brand new or already in use, the process will differ, so let’s focus on three possible scenarios and sum up the process as following:

Brand new boats without bottom paint:

  • Fresh from factory boats have a mold release wax that will need to be removed with a solvent first
  • Next step is to figure out where the boats waterline is and tape off
  • Then we sand the entire bottom for proper paint adhesion
  • Clean thoroughly and prepare for paint
  • Apply a barrier coating before bottom paint
  • Then we apply 2 coats of anti fouling bottom paint while barrier coat is still tacky
  • Pull the tape and the boat is ready to go

Annual recoat for boats that already have bottom paint:

  • Pressure wash off any barnacles / growth off the entire bottom
  • Knock off any loose paint, and sand entire bottom flat and smooth
  • Prime certain areas if needed, and apply two coats of desired bottom paint

Complete redo for boats that have the paint but it has gotten into bad shape:

  • Sodablast off all old the paint down to bare fiberglass and inspect fiberglass for damage (fix any damage as needed)
    This process follows the same procedure as bottom painting a bare hull.

Our professional and high-quality boat and yacht painting services will help you to restore the beauty of your vessel. We guarantee to provide a new and fresh look that will exceed your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to get a quote.

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