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We say this a lot, but it’s true: Every project is a passion project for us.

That means when your boat, car or home is in our hands, we will offer the best solution for a competitive price. We give you time to ask, learn and talk with us so we can get to know you are your needs.

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Try Ceramic Coatings

We love what we do because this product breaths new life into our work. It’s simply the best solution there is. Technically, it’s a liquid polymer that chemically bonds with the exterior of your boat, car and just about anywhere else. If cared for well, it can last years, protecting the surface it covers from getting damaged and dirty and leaving it looking amazing.

Ceramic coatings provide:

⥤ Protection from sun damage, oxidation & corrosion
⥤ Water repellency & stain resistance
⥤ The best finish and so much more

True Craftsmanship

At Seaboard Surface Solutions, we are passionate about the perfect finish. That’s what you deserve, from the moment your car or boat comes into your life. But despite how new or clean it comes to you, you can’t quite get rid of the imperfections. With a Ceramic Coating and our attention to detail, you can finally have the very best finish. Discover superior surface protection

Our solutions can offer you more:

⥤ More Free Time – maintenance time cut in half
⥤ More Gloss  – our process produces the finest finish
⥤ More Value – your investment lasts longer



Imagine floating on the open ocean and the thrill from testing out your boat’s engine. Amplify those moments by getting the ultimate shine. We have a robust suite of surface protection options so that when you are out on the water, you feel amazing. 

Feel superior on the water ⥤

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A car should reflect who you are. It’s powerful out on the road when your ride looks the part on the long highway road or cascading coastline. With surface soloutions that last, ceramic coatings make you feel great when you floor the pedal. 

Get a vibrant finish

home - seaboard surface solutions


A home shouldn’t be hard to clean. Your expensive home furnishings shouldn’t ever wear and fade. Try ceramic coatings for a unique solution to your home care. Not sure about the idea of this new product in your house? Check out what you get coated.

Upgrade your home