Boat & Yacht Painting

Refresh Your Boat’s Look With a Full Repaint

Sometimes a full repaint is the final touch needed to lift your boat’s look, feel and design. It can give an older boat a completely fresh look. Or it can allow a modern boat to become an extension of you and your identity. The paint brings together the entire look of your boat. Whether you want a new look or a total upgrade on your 70s center console, our paint finish impresses when polishing can no longer give you the results you want. 


We make sure to consider the age and style of your boat when repainting it. In a few quick steps we can sum up our process as the following:

  • Strip your boat
  • Fix any fiberglass damage and stress cracks
  • Sand down and smooth the surface
  • Add primer and sand for optimal paint bonding
  • Spray the paint of your choice based on required layers

Expect the best results:

We guarantee the best results and work around the clock to give you the finish you deserve, including:

  • A repaint technique that respects the integrity of your boat
  • A completely fresh look and design
  • Precision and detail that delivers the perfect finish


While every repaint is individually calculated according to your needs, there are some key things we always consider. We develop the best plan based on:

  • Size
  • Condition 
  • Product & paint requirements
  • Time

That’s it! Our team will quote you based on our industry knowledge and insights, above all else. You won’t be getting a better deal because you won’t find anywhere that will do the best work all while valuing your time and your investment. We keep it simple here. We give you a recommendation and quote that you can trust and the results you’ve been looking for.