Boat Washing and Maintenance Plans

Maintenance is a Necessity in Boat Care. Take a Break and Schedule It With Us.

Make sure your boat looks perfect every time you go out on the water. We are here to provide precision and care before every event and after each outing. At Seaboard Surface Solutions we value the craftsmanship of impeccable maintenance year-round. And if you are ready to consider a longer-term option, ask us about Ceramic Coatings. We offer customizable plans based on your schedule and needs.

Customize Your Care Plan for Your Boat

Get your boat washed, waxed and polished with a customizable plan. Choose your schedule, describe your boat’s special needs and get regular services without breaking a sweat. Choose from:

  • Weekly
  • Biweekly
  • Monthly
  • Customized

Schedule Maintenance on Your Ceramic Coating

To get the best long term results on your ceramic coating, you should schedule regular maintenance based on the number of layers on your boat. Maintenance includes:

  • Polishing, 
  • Decontamination
  • Laying another coat for durability

Expect the best results:

We guarantee the best results and work around the clock to give you the finish you deserve including:

  • Premium care on your schedule
  • The gloss, shine and reflective power your boat deserves
  • Precision and detail that delivers the perfect finish


While every package is individually calculated according to your needs, there are some key things we always consider. We develop the best plan based on: 

  • Condition
  • Product Costs
  • Time
  • Size of Your Boat

That’s it! Our team will quote you based on our industry knowledge and insights above all else. You won’t be getting a better deal because you won’t find anywhere that will do the best work all while valuing your time and your investment. We keep it simple here. We give you a recommendation and quote that you can trust and the results you’ve been looking for.