Ceramic Coating for Cars

A ceramic coating protects your car and gives it the ultimate glossy finish.

Your vehicle is the first impression. It’s an extension of your life and your lifestyle. By giving your car a ceramic coating, you are investing not only in the longer-term integrity of your vehicle, but you are also giving it the shine you will always be excited to take on the road. The long term protective power of the coating makes it easier to wash, minimizes required waxings and protects against oxidation, paint wear and tear, sun damage, dirt build-up and more. Whether you are at an event or on your way to work, you can always feel like you have the most powerful car on the road.

Our process for coatings happens in three parts:

Get a free consultation: We want to make sure you agree with the full cost of our services, time frame and process. We will take the time and care to give you all the information you need, drive out to you, inspect your vehicle, provide a demo and advise on the best long term solution.

Prep & Polish: We pride ourselves on having the technique and eye for detail worthy of your car. We decontaminate the surface, polish a minimum of two times or more and decontaminate before applying the ceramic coating. 

Apply Ceramic Coating: Once we clean, correct and polish your car, we apply the ceramic coating. We partner with The Ceramic Company to get our products. Their Marine Solution is specially made to endure the harshness of the sea and freshwater as well as protect against almost every possible issue: oxidation, corrosion, dirt build-up and more.

Expect the best results

We guarantee the best results and work around the clock to give you the finish you deserve, including:

  • A full surface correction, ensuring the finest finish on the market
  • The gloss, shine and reflective power worthy of your vehicle. 
  • Protection for 18-24 months
  • A free premium care kit


While every package is individually calculated according to your needs, there are some key things we always consider. For a ceramic coating, we calculate our prices based on three things: 

  • Condition
  • Product cost
  • Number of desired coats (You can choose protection packages for up to 1, 3 & 7 years)

That’s it! Our team will quote you based on our industry knowledge and insights above all else. You won’t be getting a better deal because you won’t find anywhere that will do the best work all while valuing your time and your investment. We keep it simple here. We give you a recommendation and quote that you can trust and the results you’ve been looking for. 

Your coating only lasts as long as you take care of it. Follow-up Premium Care can be scheduled yearly and could include anything from a basic wash to annual coating maintenance. Learn more about premium care for ceramic coatings and our other cleaning and maintenance services for vehicles.