Ceramic Coating for Boats

At Seaboard Surface Solutions, It’s About the Prepping Stage to Get That Perfect Finish

The world of boats and water sports is where ceramic coatings have really flourished. This is because of the exhaustive amount of time that goes into preserving, cleaning and maintaining them. Owning your dream boat is not a passive hobby. To preserve the integrity of its paint and surface means dealing with everything from simple post-trip cleaning to scrubbing away marine growth and annoying dirt build-up. Getting your boat coated means protection for years and a finish that is rivaled out on the water. 

Wondering how much does the ceramic coating cost?
Schedule a free consultation call with us and let’s answer any questions you might have:

Our process for coatings happens in three parts:

  1. Get a free consultation: We want to make sure you agree fully with the cost of our services, timeframe and process. We will take the time and care to give you all the information you need, drive out to you, inspect your boat, provide a demo and advise on the best long term solution.

  2. Prep and polish: We pride ourselves on having the technique and eye for detail worthy of your boat. We decontaminate the surface, polish a minimum of two times or more, depending on the condition of the boat, and decontaminate again before applying the ceramic coating. 

  3. Apply ceramic coating: Once we clean, correct and polish, we apply the ceramic coating. We partner with The Ceramic Company to get our products. Their Marine Solution is made to endure the harshness of the water and protect against almost every possible issue: oxidation, corrosion, dirt and more. 

Expect the Best Results

We guarantee the best results and work around the clock to give you the finish you deserve, including:

  • A full surface correction, ensuring the finest finish on the market
  • The gloss, shine and reflective power worthy of your boat
  • Protection for 18-24 months
  • A free premium care kit


While every package is individually calculated according to your needs, there are some key things we always consider. For a ceramic coating, we calculate our prices based on four things: 

  • Condition
  • Product Cost
  • Size
  • Time

That’s it! Our team will quote you based on our industry knowledge and insights, above all else. You won’t be getting a better deal because you won’t find anywhere that will do the best work all while valuing your time and your investment. We keep it simple here. We give you a quote you can trust and the results you’ve been looking for.

Your coating only lasts as long as you take care of it. Follow-up Premium Care can be scheduled yearly and could include anything from a basic wash to annual coating maintenance. Learn more about premium care for ceramic coatings and our other cleaning and maintenance services for boats.